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Benjamin Redden

  • ExperienceOpen or Close

    Mt. Zion Academy (2007-2009)

    Assisted teaching the 2 and 3 year old class

    Pure Bliss Granola Bakery (2009-2010)

    Mixing, baking, packaging, quality controlling, and e-mail marketing for THE best granola, bars, etc. in Atlanta.

    Sage Dining Services (2010-2012)

    Prepared very delicious and nutritious meals and snacks or faculty and students.

    Skydive! Atlanta (2011-2012)

    Packed parachutes for people who decided to jump out of perfectly working airplanes

    International Mascot Corporation (2012-2013)

    Fabric cutter/foam sculptor

    Musician (2008-present)

    Ever expanding repertoire of old-time, blues, rag-time, folk, and original psychedelic tunes on banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and whatever else I can come up with.

    Basset Trail Banjos (2012-present)

    I build custom banjos, fiddles, ukuleles, etc.

    Fabricated Fibonacci (2014-present)

    I craft jewelry from precious and semi-precious metals and stones, clay jars, and all kinds of other cool stuff

    GetUWired Web Services (2014 - present)

    I'm a junior web developer. I break and fix stuff. I make clients happy. I play banjo sometimes =)

  • LanguagesOpen or Close

    English - Expert

    Pig Latin - Highly Skilled

    HTML5/CSS3 - Skilled

    PHP - Skilled

    JavaScript - Skilled

    Ruby - Novice

    Python - Noice

    Objective C - Novice

    Bash - Novice

  • Programs/Operating Systems/SkillsOpen or Close

    Mac OS X - Highly Skilled

    Microsoft Windows - Skilled

    Linux Ubuntu - Skilled

    Adobe Photoshop - Skilled

    Adobe Illustrator - Skilled

    Coda - Highly Skilled

    PHP Storm - Skilled

    Sublime Text - Highly Skilled

    Transmit - Highly Skilled

    Terminal - Skilled

    MAMP - Skilled

    Wordpress 3.0 - Highly Skilled

    Google Analytics - Skilled

    SEO - Skilled

  • EducationOpen or Close

    Griffin High School (2002-2004)

    Luella High School (2004-2005)

    Grace Academy (2005-2005) (2013-present) (2013-present) (2013-present) (2013-present) (1996-present)

  • ReferencesOpen or Close

    John Hughey (former manager at Sage Dining) -

    Shelly Lewis (former manager at Sage Dining) -

    Jon Morgan (former manager at Pure Bliss) -

    Sandy Martin (DropZone admin) -

  • ContactOpen or Close

    E-mail -

    Mobile - 404-644-5168

    Skype - benjamminredden

  • Where I'm headed/GoalsOpen or Close

    It is my goal to be a top quality web designer/developer. I continually grow my knowledge through various online resources and enjoy every second of it. I plan on developing a comprehensive iPhone app (maybe OS verion too) catered toward decoding chord structures when an instrument is in various alternate tunings (like a banjo tuned to Sawmill tuning, or a guitar tuned to open D). So, stay tuned for that one! In everything I do I strive to learn, grow, and succeed, but maybe even more important is my desire to help other people do the same, as well.